Thriller Movies Of All Time Suspense In aha

A good thriller movie is liked by everyone, especially if it is a crime thriller, horror thriller, or action thriller. Do you like to know about some thriller telugu movies  and where to watch them? Masooda, Forensic, and Khaidi are some of Telugu’s popular all-time suspense movies.

All these thriller movies are currently streaming on aha, and you need to take a subscription to watch them. Aha subscription is not limited to watching only a few movies, but it provides complete access to an unlimited collection of Telugu movies in aha.

Best thriller movies of all time suspense

  1. Masooda

Masooda is a horror thriller movie with more suspense than you would expect. It has an exciting horror story that will surely offer you the best thrilling experience. The story is about a single mother, Neelam, who tries to save her possessed daughter Nazia from an evil force.

  1. Forensic

Forensic is one of the best crime thriller movies with much suspense involved in solving a crime case. The movie is about a medico-legal advisor who uses his forensic skills to uncover certain crime cases. He uses his skills to find a serial killer’s identity, leading him through many complicated tasks. Karthi's Khaidi Movie Stills

  1. Khaidi

Khaidi is one of the best and top-rated action thrillers of 2019, which is still famous because of its exciting storyline. It is a one-night movie guaranteed to encourage and attract you to watch in one sitting. The movie’s main character, an ex-felon Dhilli, played by Karthi, has received vast audience attention. His role alone is primarily responsible for the massive popularity of this movie until now.

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